Handcrafted and locally sourced from
the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York 
As a forester, I have the opportunity to scour the woods and find some of the most remarkable wood to turn. Often in our area, I have found that "locally made" products are actually mass produced replicas. If you want an authentic piece of the Adirondacks, I think you'll find something you love from my collection.   
If you are a woodturner, I also have wood blanks available for sale. Most turning blanks on the market are already cut into round pieces, limiting what you can turn.  However, my blanks are still green and are a section of the stem, cut in half. This gives you the creative freedom to make multiple things out of one blank.



Curl is one of my favorite characteristics that I focus on in my woodturning.  It is not known why wood has curl, but it is rare. I really love the contrast of the sap and heart wood.  


Burl is a natural growth on a tree widely believed to be the trees' defense against an enemy.  It creates some very interesting wood grain and shapes.  I search for burls in any hardwood species because of the unique character.  You never know what you are going to find inside a burl.


Crotch wood is the junction of two limbs or stems in a tree.  If cut correctly, the junction creates a distinct, almost web-like pattern. 


Spalting occurs when a fungus spreads through the wood and creates these elegant lines.  Sugar Maple especially spalts well because of the natural sugar content of the wood.