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Custom Turning

I am not a production architectural turner but I have access to many types and sizes of wood and am happy to turn custom bowls, platters, and other projects.

Do you have a sentimental tree that needs to be removed or was blown over by a storm?  Perhaps you might want something custom-turned from that tree as a memento to keep forever.

Please email or give me a call so we can discuss your custom project interest!


"Home Base" was a custom turning project I was commissioned to do by a very thoughtful mother who wanted something special to give her adult kids.  When her kids were young, they loved playing baseball in the front yard and used a sugar maple tree as home base.  Unfortunately, "home base" got old and had to be taken down.  But the stump that remained was just enough wood to turn four bowls, each unique in its design, but equal in its sentimentality.


Another custom project I completed was for a local company that wanted to reward its sales staff for a challenging year.  The project required a total of 18 pieces, all original, but comparable in size and price.  Here is a sampling of the final collection.  If your business is interested in something like this, give me a call!

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